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Importance of Non Teaching Staffs in Education

There are two divisions of the workers and the personnel in the formation and the structure of the school and other structures. The teaching staffs and the non teaching staffs fall under these two divisions. The teaching staffs include the teachers and others who are mandated the role of teaching. The board members and other workers in the school compound fall under the category of the non teaching staffs. These individuals have a lot of duties that makes them helpful in the institutions of learning. The different roles that these individuals are entitled to makes it possible to run the school whenever these roles are attended to.

Therefore, the various non teaching members in the education sector have various benefits which we shall discuss. To begin with, the non teaching members in the education sector are very important because they work hand in hand with the other teaching staffs to see the best performance of the institution. This include the board members for instance who plan on various issues that concern the operations of the school. The work of these board members include giving out the strategies that the teaching staffs will take to ensure that there is good performance in the school.

The accountants also fall under the category of the non teaching staffs and they are important because they ensure that the school’s capital is used and utilized properly. The accountants are responsible of the institutions money and any other activity that may require money. Cases of misappropriation of funds and loss of money due to lack of a financial manager cannot be experienced therefore making them important. The absence of these staffs would make the school to run in a manner that is not expected. They therefore play an important role in the existence of the school.

The people who are employed to carry out the cleaning and maintenance duties also falls under the category of the non teaching staffs. These individuals work tirelessly to ensure that the school is always clean and also other structures such as the institutions stores, gates and even classrooms and lecture rooms. The benefit of these members is that they prevent cases where the students are given the work of cleaning the toilet and the maintenance work.

The non teaching staff I education also consists of the nurses and the school doctors. These individuals are responsible for the health of not only the students but also other individuals who work in the institution. They are important because whenever an individual in the school’s compound falls sick, they can always be there to assist in the first aid and also emergency care of these individuals.

The school principals sometimes form the non teaching staffs. In many cases, the principals in the higher institutions of learning forms the non teaching staffs. They are charged with the roles of the oversight of the teaching staff and ensuring that they carry out their work as expected.

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